Robert Siegel is an LA-based ceramics artist and maker of fine porcelain tableware. His work has been featured in prominent design and lifestyle publications and has gained a following among chefs, celebrities and assorted creative types. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter. He’s not making it for you or anyone else. He does it for the same reason you cook or paint or play music or whatever it is you do that fills you up. Because he can’t not do it.

It’s a passion that Robert has poured every ounce of his love and hustle into, from earning a BFA in Ceramics at Miami University in Ohio, through his time in Jingdezhen, China refining his craft under the tutelage of OG porcelain masters, to opening his Los Angeles studio.

Robert’s deep respect for tradition anchors an aesthetic inspired by contemporary culture. Architectural and organic, the work reflects the artist: Smart. Minimalist. A little rough around the edges. And never taking itself too seriously. Each bowl, plate, vase and vessel that Robert and his team of skilled artisans create means something. It’s not just an expression. It’s an invitation. It’s your place at the table.