Robert Siegel is a designer and craftsman of fine porcelain tableware, based in Southern California. His exuberance for good food and memorable dining experiences has made him a favorite to partner with amongst restaurateurs and chefs.

Taking a childhood interest to art school, Siegel earned a BFA in Ceramics at Miami University in Ohio, and lived in Jingdezhen, China, to refine his craft under the tutelage of OG porcelain masters. Robert Siegel Studios opened in Los Angeles in 2010 creating and producing tableware for restaurants and homes across America. 

Siegel’s drive comes from this lifelong love of crafting with clay and porcelain, from thousands of hours spent at the wheel, and he’d be doing it even if he never made a dime from it. 

There is a deep respect for tradition, for the craft and process of making vessels, objects and art that have served humankind over many millennia. Siegel’s aesthetic is as much inspired by this as the contemporary culture of our modern lifestyles.

This work reflects the artist: minimalist, well-considered, but not overly polished. It’s humble yet confident in its offering. Each plate, bowl, or cup that Siegel crafts is intentionally designed and made with consideration for how you’ll enjoy it — it’s not just an object, but rather an expression of an invitation. It’s your place at the table. 

Please, join us. We’re so happy to have you here.