Modernist — Bowls


Welcome to the happiest bowls on earth, whether you’re a chef geeking out over foams and spheres, or a five year old enjoying the nuanced flavor profiles of your Fruity Pebbles™.

Handmade slipcast from our studio’s custom forms, with a focus on uniformity. Each item is made from locally sourced white porcelain, then hand-dipped in a satin white glaze. No gloss, no muss, no fuss.

Each item is completely handmade-to-order and as such our lead time is 2–8 weeks.

Sugar Bowl 1.5" tall x 3" wide
Ice Cream Bowl 1.5" tall x 4.5" wide
Shallow Dip Bowl 1.5" tall x 6" wide
Pasta Bowl 2" tall x 8" wide
Serving Bowl 2.75" x 11" wide
Family Style Bowl 2.5" x 13" wide

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