Double Dipped — Milk Jugs


Our candy coated take on the classic milk jug, these porcelain vases are available in three sizes and a variety of seasonal colors. Standing alone or with a few stems, these adorable little vases can be used for any variety of utilitarian purposes whether it be make up brushes, chopsticks, or pens on your desk.

Handmade slipcast from our studio’s custom forms, with a focus on uniformity. Each item is made from locally sourced white porcelain, individually dipped twice in our favorite glaze colours before being dipped in a fine, clear gloss.

Each item is completely handmade-to-order and as such our lead time is 2–8 weeks.

Small Milk Jug 3.5 " tall
Medium Milk Jug 5  " tall
Large Milk Jug 7" tall

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