Robert Siegel Handmade is a design and fabrication studio focused on limited edition, custom and small batch porcelain production.  Based in Los Angeles, California we create one of a kind objects for the table and home, crafted from the highest quality locally sourced porcelain.

After graduating with a BFA in Ceramics from Miami University in Ohio, Robert traveled to “the birthplace of fine porcelain”  Jingdezhen, China. Here, he immersively studied the craft of ancient chinese porcelain making.  After three trips, spending nearly a year living and working in China, Robert opened his first studio in Philadelphia, before relocating to LA in 2010.

Influenced by contemporary culture, and drawing inspiration from traditions of the past, my aesthetic is minimal, and modern. I use bold saturated color, raw surface and texture, and combine both architectural  and organic elements to create functional and decorative porcelain objects.

I feel great satisfaction handcrafting objects from start-to-finish, connecting with the process,  an idea that is mostly lost in our world of mass production and consumption. Every object that comes out of my studio is made by the hands of skilled artisans, reflecting the details of the place it was made, and the mark of its maker.

Rob and Todd